Imagine there was.....

Ever wondered why there isn't a darts drinks brand? Us too. Okay so maybe you haven't, now imagine there was......

 If you're here, I'm guessing you're a bit like us, a fan of the darts and you'll have been to a few darts events, there's nothing on earth quite like it! Exuberant fans, immensely talented players, passionate commentators and referees, all play their part in creating the incredible atmosphere! We believe darts deserves its very own drinks brand, one that aims to give back to the sport and those involved in it and with your help that's what we're on a mission to do! 


With 1000's of spirits on the market these days, how do you choose? Most brands are banging on about the location of their distillery or their hand foraged ingredients that most people haven't heard of, I mean "what is cassia bark?" Sounds like something you would tell your dog cassia to do! 

You also have the additional problem of not knowing who you're actually buying from, you might think you're supporting a new, independent craft distiller when in fact it's a global mass producing giant in disguise, which is very annoying!

It's time things were done differently,  involving passionate darts people throughout the process and having fun along the way. It's early days, but one day we hope all spirits for darts fans are created this way, a few seem to agree already ...

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Story so far.....

Being our first entrepreneurial adventure my brother Scott and I (Scott's in the pic with Wayne below), knew we wanted to do something different when it came to creating a new spirits company. 

Both enjoying the darts creating the worlds first premium darts gin seemed like a good place to start. So we set about trying to capture the spirit of the darts, engaging with those who create the atmosphere at the big darts events, getting input from the truly unique and passionate darts fans!

Twitter seemed the obvious choice to engage with you and our first survey was very close, with gin just edging it when asked what spirit would you like us to create. You sent some good name suggestions and we had a go at coming up with a few ourselves but none really stood out as a clear winner.....


.....then out of nowhere a chance encounter at a'Night at the Darts' in Edinburgh with darts legend Wayne Mardle....

Double Trouble was born!

A massive thank you goes to Wayne for all the support and for coming up with the name and strap line, a true gentleman and great ambassador for the sport. 




On with choosing flavours and logo designs, over to you darts fans again!

 Over 850 votes led to your darts gin being berry flavoured.

On logo's you picked a clear winner with over 60% of the votes going to A, we love it!

"A special thank you to darts fans, without you Double Trouble simply wouldn't exist and that would mean we are all stuck with spirits being created in the old boring way.

Now we're on a mission to make Double Trouble the #1 spirit brand for those who 'love the darts!'


David & Scott Founders of Double Trouble Drinks.



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What to expect.....

Obviously becoming the #1 spirit brand for those who love the darts isn't going to be easy, we are under no illusion but nor is hitting a 9 darter and at time of writing this there have been plenty of those (televised)!

(Quick disclaimer, we haven't ever hit a 9 darter ourselves, or even been close!)


Two hard working brothers from Scotland with young families who genuinely care about creating a business that darts fans support and does well by doing good

You can expect.....

  1. Exceptional spirits darts fans have helped create, distilled by expert independent distillers, delivered direct to your door!

  2. Your very own Double Trouble Drinks Club for darts fans, with exclusive member only giveaways and competitions.

  3. Lookout for us making the occasional TV appearances here and there (As seen on Sky during the 2019 world matchplay above)

  4. Popping up on a darts podcast or two, and making appearances in darts magazines.

  5. Sponsorship, darts events, boards and at least 3  players we get on well with per year.

  6. Showing up at your local darts pub at some point! Especially likely if we are invited. 

  7. Running fun monthly giveaway's and competitions

  8. We don't take things too seriously (except for creating exceptional spirits for darts fans) so expect to see us having a laugh and loving what we do!

  9. The odd random act of kindness too! 

Join your fellow darts fans for monthly updates, giveaways, surprises and more from the Double Trouble Drinks Club