Double Trouble

9 Dart Multiplier

League Table

Top Scorers 2019/2020

DT LT JAn 2020.png

If you would like to host the Double Trouble 9 Dart multiplier challenge in your venue or at your exhibition/competition, then get in touch with to become a Double Trouble Drinks Stockist and Ambassador, don't leave it too long as we will only pick one venue per area!

The Rules are simple....

  • You will need 9 darts, a board, a camera and a glamorous assistant to film your attempt or a stand for the camera!

  • The aim of the game is to achieve the highest score possible.

  • To score you must hit outer doubles, no bulls or 25s. 

  • You must throw all 9 darts per turn, i.e. all 9, one after the other not in three lots of three.

  • The max score possible is from hitting 9 double tops, which becomes tricky if throwing more than 3 darts due to crowding. 

  • Scoring works like this....

    • Sum the score from the doubles you hit. e.g 9 darts in double tops = 360​

    • Then multiply by count of doubles you hit e.g in this example = 9

    • So 9 x 360 = 3240.

  • Hopefully that all makes sense, all other darting rules apply, throwing distance etc. 

  • If we are in attendance at a competition or exhibition we will put a bottle of Double Trouble Gin up for grabs for the highest score achieved on the night! Over 18s only.